Quesadillas – The Most Delicious Mexican Dish


If you are in agreement with the above sentence, then you are not alone. Many people enjoy this simple Mexican dish and consume it almost every day, be it in restaurants or at home. I personally prefer making my own quesadillas, because I can be completely in charge of what goes into each recipe and I also have my very own preferences. I discovered that I can even save a bit of money while making quesadillas at home, and what really saved me was getting a good and reliable quesadilla maker. It is true that I searched high and low for a unit to really serve me, since I like having quesadillas every day, but luckily, I found this site: Kingquesadilla.com, that helped me with a lot of information on quesadilla makers and the best products that can be found on the market right now.


What is a quesadilla anyway?


No matter how great it tastes, a quesadilla is not some kind of magic food (although you may feel tempted, just like me, to consider it so). In brief, a quesadilla is made of a wheat or corn tortilla filled with various tasty ingredients, and, in most cases cheese. You simply fold the tortilla and catch the ingredients inside, then serve it with your own hand. Yummy!


The versatility of quesadillas


The best part that I truly enjoy about quesadillas is that they are so versatile. Are you a vegan? You can always have a quesadilla guilty free. Do you prefer sweet stuff over savory ingredients? Create your own quesadilla recipe and stuff your tortilla with everything you want. As long as the ingredients combine well, you will have a tasty dish that is healthier than what you can have in a fast food restaurant, where too much sugar, salt and preservatives are used.

Ingredients preferred in the US


Although quesadilla is more popular in the southwest regions of the US, everyone loves this Mexican dish, as much as they enjoy their grilled cheese sandwich. Certain combinations are more popular here, but, as mentioned above, you can get really creative when it comes to filling your quesadilla. The way classic quesadilla is made in the southwest area of the country goes like this: a tortilla is taken and grilled on a grill, then you grate cheese over its surface; you wait for the cheese to melt, and after that, you add shredded meat – turkey is a recommended choice – , onions, peppers, guacamole, not necessarily all at once. After that, you just fold the tortilla and you enjoy it.