Preparing Your RV for Winter


RV travels are a fixture in summer, but as the cold weather is closing in, you need to consider some measures to prepare your loyal RV for winter.


Find your mobile home a winter home

The first thing to keep in mind when you decide to prepare your RV for winter is where you are going to store it away. It is very important that the structure you choose has some kind of climate control. After all, you want your RV to be good and ready to use, once the nice weather is back and you want to go on an RV trip.

Check both the inside and the outside

For your RV to be in top notch condition when you take it out of its winter shelter, it is paramount to leave it like that in the first place. Check the inside for any needed repairs, and especially pay attention to the fabric that should be dry and clean. This way, you will not have to worry about mold and the havoc it can wreck inside. After that, check the exterior, too, for any cracks and holes that may let the air outside get inside and cause problems. Use special sealant if needed.


Prepare the tires, too

Make sure that the tires of your RV are prepared for winter, too. Wash them well and then overinflate them a bit. This is a very useful piece of advice. As you may well know, rubber tends to deflate when left in the same place for longer times; by overinflating your tires a bit, you ensure that this deflation process will not make the RV difficult to move once summer is back. To further ensure the integrity of your tires, you can use some pieces of wood to support the tires off the ground, so that the rubber does not get in contact with water that may pool on the floor.


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