Mobile Apps that Will Help You Survive Any Tornado


Getting the latest information on tornadoes that are heading towards your home is essential for planning ahead of time. Since today many organizations and companies create special apps for mobile devices to help people stay alert on such dangerous events, it is highly recommended to have one or more installed on your phone. Make sure your phone is properly charged before the tornado hits, and you may be able to follow the weather evolution even when electricity is down.


The app from NOAA

NOAA is the most important organization in charge of delivering the latest information regarding the evolution of tornadoes, hurricanes and other weather events capable of jeopardizing your life and your loved ones’ lives. A special app was developed for this organization and it is called the NOAA Weather Radio app. While it is highly advisable to have a proper weather radio in your home, it does not hurt to have an app installed on your smartphone, as well.


Red Cross app

Another organization involved in managing the effects of tornadoes is the American Red Cross. While the NOAA Weather Radio app is useful for learning the latest information on tornadoes coming your way or in progress, the Red Cross app is very helpful in teaching you how to keep safe and how to offer those around you the much needed aid, given the circumstances. A piece of useful information offered by this app is how to handle the consequences of a tornado, like lack of electricity and flooding. Reaching for Red Cross shelters is highly recommended, after such an event.


Local apps

Check to see if your local weather channels have their own apps. They are particularly useful, because they will offer you information applicable to your area in particular, so you can easily connect with other people in your neighborhood or close by.


A weather Radio


A weather radio can save your time by offering great on-time news. There are multiple features you can use but make sure you spend your money wisely and read a buying guide before purchasing anything. It might be critical.