Important Features for a Safe Car Seat for Your Kid


Safety conscious parents are continuously seeking for the safest car seats they can find and they are often wondering what features they should look for. The next list will help you decide faster between different models and you will manage to get the safest car seat for your baby.


A 5 point harness


Gone are the days when a 3 point harness was considered enough for properly protecting a baby’s vulnerable body. The 5 point harness has become the norm and now you should not settle for anything less. The main advantage of this type of harness is that it reduces the chances of ejection for the child in case of a car crash.


Wide straps


If you are taking a closer look at the harness, you will notice that there are models that come with wider straps, and some with thinner straps. The problem with thinner straps is that they can get tangled with ease, which means that they will not be able to serve their purpose, that of keeping your kid safe.


A solid base for an infant carrier


Especially car seats designed for infants should come with a solid base. The main role of a solid base is to absorb much of the energy produced by the force on impact during an accident. A good solid base also offers the car seat enough stability to make it a great choice for parents.


Watch out for the size


Not all car seats are created equal and you should pay attention to their size, especially if your car is medium or even small size. Getting the right size car seat for your vehicle is paramount for your baby’s safety, as you will not be able to stuff an oversized seat on the back seat of your car, no matter how much you will try.