How to Prevent Injuries When Training with a Heavy Bag

Working out using a punching bag is very beneficial for developing self defense skills and cardiovascular conditioning. However, like it may happen with any other piece of equipment, training in an improper manner can lead to injuries. Let’s learn what to do in order to prevent unwanted accidents when training with a heavy bag.


Use gloves – There is a reason why boxers walk into the ring with gloves on their hands. And there is a strong reason why gloves are recommended while training, as well. What happens is that when you are hitting a heavy bag with your hands, all the complex joints and bones in them suffer an impact. The force of your hit can turn against you by causing really nasty injuries to your hands that may even prevent you from training for months.


Balance the strength of your punch – Stronger and harder do not necessarily equal better when training with a heavy bag. A very strong hard punch can lead to injuries to your elbow and shoulder. Remember that your arm is made of joints, and not only of muscles, and if you don’t respect them, the consequences will be dire. Martial arts trainees know the importance of balancing the strength of their punches so they do not end up injured.


Make a proper fist – There are thousands of ways of landing a poor punch that can be followed by injuries, but only one to land a perfect punch that will not jeopardize your health. That way is making a proper fist. Here are the steps:


  • Open your hand and hold it relaxed
  • Clench and roll your fingers starting with the top
  • Roll the thumb over the first two fingers, placing it between the first and second joints


This way, you will be able to focus the power of your punches on the two knuckles, which are the most powerful, without putting unnecessary strain on your wrists.