How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Fishing


Kids are not known to be the biggest fans of fishing, but I guess that happens because they have not yet gotten the real taste of this enjoyable pastime. Here are some of the things I do to get my kids to enjoy our fishing adventures as much as I.


Everyone in my family has a role when we go fishing. My youngest daughter, Carla, is in charge of the baits, while my son, Kevin, loves playing with the fish finder. I think it is quite normal for kids living in the age of electronics to be so fond of such devices. Plus, I am starting to believe that he is doing a much better job at reading the fish finder screen than I do.

The main argument you most have probably heard a thousand times from your kids is that they will get bored while you see about your fishing. These adventures should never be boring. Teach your kids about fishing and get them involved in all kinds of water related activities. Again, putting them in charge of the fish finder will get them pretty involved and they may even become more into fishing than you are.



While you are on a fishing trip, not everything should be about fishing. What you can do is organize small outings, such as a nice picnic, where everyone can enjoy their favorite foods. It is well known how important is for kids’ health to get to run and play in a natural environment.

If you plan your next fishing trip wisely, your kids may just start sharing your passion for catching fish. Don’t forget to pack a fish finder, as well, since it will certainly get the children interested and involved in what you love so much.