How I Relax After Playing Soccer


I’ve been playing soccer all my life. Even as a little boy I enjoyed every bit of it. This hobby soon became a passion, I don’t regret getting hooked on to the game. I played really well while at school and college. After I got a job I continued to play soccer with my friends every weekend. When I was young, the aches and pains weren’t as bad and my feet didn’t feel so sore after a tough soccer match, or maybe I just don’t remember those days that well.


Anyway, ever since I passed out of college, I haven’t been playing soccer as regularly as I used to, which is why I’m not in a great shape to play a game. I work all weekdays and play at least once in the weekends. I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who understands me and gives me my space.  She’s so amazing that she gifted me my very own foot spa massager, so that I can relax after a game of soccer. Initially, I thought of it as a feminine tantrum and I told her I wouldn’t use it ever. Somehow she managed to convince me to try it at least once and I’ve been hooked on to it ever since.

A foot spa isn’t just for women, men too can use it and trust me it’s one of the most relaxing experiences you’ve ever had. I don’t suffer from sore feet anymore and I end up feeling great with a foot spa session after a soccer game. I do this at home, no one knows about it. I know my friends will make fun of me for using it, but as long as it works wonders for me it will remain a part of my after-soccer relaxation regime.


The benefits of a foot spa are numerous. It relaxes my tired feet and all the leg muscles after a soccer game. The foot spa massager that I own, have various modes ranging from  a complete massage or a gentle soothing one to match the mood I’m in. I don’t need anyone to massage my tired feet. While using it I can sit, relax and watch my favorite TV shows.


It’s a great investment for men and women. If you’ve been spending time and money at foot spas, it’s preferable to buy one of these foot spa massagers that work just as well. To get a DIY foot spa for home, you have to spend only a fraction of the total money you might have spent till now, for professional spas. This is a onetime investment that is great not only for those who engage in regular sports but also for people who have to move around a lot at their workplace and lead a hectic life. I treat myself to a foot massage on weekdays too, because it takes away all the stress of workplace as well.


It helps me relax my entire body and I sleep like a baby. It improves my foot and leg blood circulation, which is an added advantage. Initially, I was skeptical about a foot spa massager, but now I can’t imagine a week without it. I am so happy with the results that I no longer feel ashamed to share my experience with my team members at soccer. Believe me they have also started using  this wonderful device.