Great Features You Can Find on Toasters


Essential Featues for Reliable Toasters


2 slot toasters are a common presence in kitchens around the world, and many people believe that they do nothing more but toast bread. Actually, more advanced models come equipped with so interesting features that they are really worth mentioning. Here are some of these functionalities that may make you wonder just how far toasters have come to.


More modern toasters can now come along with an incorporated egg cooker. Basically, you will be able to cook an entire breakfast, using only your faithful toaster. You can make poached eggs and even scrambled eggs, depending on your preferences. Along with two slices of toasted bread, these will make for a perfect balanced breakfast.



You may notice while you look around for toasters that some comes with something called the Bagel function. Simply put, this function helps you warm up your bagels and enjoy their great taste, without risking to burn them. Normally, you will not be able to reheat bagels too well, if you use a regular toaster, because these tend to burn the exterior, while the interior remains soggy. If you are a big fan of bagels, consider this possibility.



No one likes the idea of having to stuff their fingers inside the toaster, in order to get their toasted slices of bread out. The latest models now come with a high rise lift that removes completely this issue. Especially if you intend to toast bread that is shorter than standard varieties, not being able to pull it out easily becomes a problem.



In case you love toasting larger pastries, you will take full advantage of the extra wide slots some toasters come with today. Stuffing muffins or bagels inside becomes much easier, and you can enjoy any kind of pastry you like.