Frozen Yogurt Vs Ice Cream


It’s almost summer! And along with the sun comes the scorching heat. So what does this mean? Yes, you’re right. Frozen desserts will be available everywhere. Two of the most popular desserts are the ice cream and frozen yogurt. But, what are the differences between them regardless of the fact that everyone want them to be thick, creamy, and yummy?
Of course, there is a lot of difference between the two. Ice creams are considered to be a big NO for the health and frozen yogurt is good for you if you are fond of a healthy diet.
So, let us dig deeper and know the real scoop behind ice cream and frozen yogurt:

Being the health conscious, you are, would like to know the amount of calories in each serving. Well, a cup of vanilla ice cream contains about 275 calories, while a cup of frozen yogurt contains only 221 calories. It is not much of a difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream. However, that is vanilla ice cream. You must carefully examine the calorie content of other flavors. There can be more than just 275 calories in every cup of ice cream.
•Yogurt is known for its bacterial cultures. However, that is yogurt. Frozen yogurt is different. The freezing process of yogurt may kill the active bacteria good for digestion. So, subtract the other health benefits you get from the frozen yogurt. However, it does not mean that all frozen yogurts lack in bacterial cultures that can’t live up to the freezing point. Some brands add the live bacterial cultures after the freezing process to preserve the health benefits of yogurt.
Low-fat and fat-free frozen yogurts have more sugar compared to the regular ones. Other additives are added to make them taste sweet. Enjoy your frozen yogurt, but do not order big scoops plus all the tempting toppings (which are basically unhealthy). If you want to buy a yogurt maker I suggest checking out the products recommended by


So if you want to have a taste of the frozen desserts this summer and keep your diet in check, go for a few scoops of frozen yogurt with just a few sprinkles of nuts. Also, check for the active bacterial content of the yogurt on the ingredients sticker.