What Is Medical Insurance Like in Other Countries?


A reasonable monthly health insurance can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand, depending on your age and your working field. Thus, it comes as no surprise that enjoying proper healthcare in the USA is a luxury for many. However, the healthcare system is entirely different in other parts of the world, and the American expats are the first ones to notice.

Medical insurance in India

The healthcare system in India is dominated by the private sector, even though several public healthcare facilities provide free treatments and medication to poor people.

The treatment costs in the hospital depend on the facilities used, as well as the financial condition of the patient. Similar to the United States, financially potent Indian citizens will have access to improved treatments and medical facilities.

Since most people from India are too poor to afford medical insurance, primary health care is offered by district hospitals.


Medical insurance in Israel

With a high life expectancy of 82,5 years, it comes as no surprise that Israel’s healthcare system is one based on performance. The country has been running a universal healthcare system since 1995. All citizens must pay a monthly health insurance tax but will have access to both diagnosis and treatment.

The coverage includes preventive medicine, hospitalization, first aid, hospital transportation, and the treatment of a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions. Israel is one of the few countries in which the public healthcare system also provides coverage for various infertility treatments and procedures, as well as treatment and recovery from addictions or physiotherapy.


Medical insurances in Europe

The entire continent benefits from publicly provided universal healthcare although its coverage varies from one country to another. In most countries from the European Union, for a monthly tax, you will receive basic and sick coverage, while others extend their services to other areas, including dental insurances, and prevention.

Several countries from the old continent also provide a two-tier health care system, where people pay for the mandatory insurance that covers treatment in public facilities but also have the option of private insurance that includes more advanced medical fields.

Usually, multinational companies are the ones that offer additional medical insurance to their employees to cover more needs.

You will often find that countries like France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands are amongst the ones that provide the highest quality medical services in the world.

Medical insurance in Canada

The Canada Health Act was initially passed in 1984, but it was not until 1999 that it included the entire medical sector. The system is mainly publicly funded even though private hospitals and medical institutions provide most of the diagnoses and treatments.

There are also many public hospitals that provide standard health care to all patients, regardless of their age or medical conditions. Individuals and private companies pay almost 30% of health care in Canada.

Besides, most Canadians own private medical insurance provided by their employers that is designed to entirely or partially cover the cost of other medical services that are not included in the public system. This extends to eye care, dental insurance, and prescription drugs.


Elderly care tips you should know about


Your parents and grandparents have certainly taken great care of you when you were little. They might still take care of you. This is why you should also do this for them or, at least, advise them on what they are allowed and what are not allowed to do. Or, if you are an elderly person, you also have to know how to take care of yourself.

As such, we have some care tips that are of great importance.


Healthy style of life

The most important thing to do in order to maintain the strength of your body is to maintain a healthy style of life. This means that you should quit smoking, be active and eat healthy food. Since our body gets incredibly weak as we grow old, it is advisable to get rid of all our bad habits, because they will do no good.

Cigarettes increase the risk of cancer, heart failure, strokes and many other diseases. Lack of exercise will make your muscles atrophied, which may lead to cardiovascular problems. If you exercise every day, then you will sleep better, prevent illnesses and reduce the stress of everyday life.

And, last but not least, the food you eat controls your body’s weight and health. Eating healthy food will prevent diseases as diabetes, osteoporosis or high blood pressure.



You have to take a lot of care what medication you take if you are an elderly person. If you are taking care of a senior, then you have to help him or her check the medication that they have bought. Make sure that the pharmacist is honest and trustworthy. More than that, it is very important not to mix the pills, since there are some that cannot be taken at the same time.

We would recommend you to buy a pill organizer which will make all of this much easier.

Care services

You can join one of the parent care services existing in your area. They are very useful, because they help with the treatment – if there is one, but also with the transportation of the elderly individuals to the hospital, as well as with paperwork.

Moreover, it is a good way of gathering information about any illness that the senior suffers from. There are also support groups that can help you, since it is very important to know as much as possible about the disease.


Taking care of the ones that we love is one of the first things to do, especially if we’re talking about our parents or grandparents.


What is dementia?


Dementia is a term which is usually used to describe a decline in mental ability which is as severe as to affect the individuals’ everyday life. It has been stated that most of the cases of dementia are due to Alzheimer’s disease. Another common type is vascular dementia, which may be a consequence of a stroke. However, these are not the only types of dementia.



Dementia has different stages that describe the progress of an individual’s disease. It is very important to determine the correct stage, since there are a lot of things that depend on this. For example, physicians determine the best treatment approach according to the stage of dementia.

It is said that there are three different stages: the early one (or “mild”), the middle one (or “moderate”) and the late one (or “severe”). The symptoms are those that usually help doctors diagnose what stage the patient is in.


It is difficult to find out what has caused dementia, but still, there are some common causes. These consist of degenerative neurological diseases, which include Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. Vascular disorders may also cause dementia.

Serious injuries that were caused by accidents or falls may leave traumas to the brain. After this, there is a possibility of a decline in the mental ability. HIV, meningitis and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease may also have dementia as a consequence, since they are infections that affect the central nervous system.

Believe it or not, but long-time alcohol or drug use also increases the risk of getting dementia.



The early signs of dementia may not even be noticed, because usually they are vague. Memory loss is one of the first symptoms. Of course, it is about forgetting things very often or not remembering events at all. Another symptom is that a person with dementia will find it very hard to get a task done. It may be hard for him or her to follow the steps required for cleaning the house.

Forgetting simple words and using inappropriate ones may also be a sign of the disease. Sometimes it may be hard for individuals suffering from this even to make full sentences and they can also find it difficult to understand the others.  


However, even if it happens to an individual to have these symptoms, it does not mean that it is a case of dementia. There are other diseases that have similar symptoms, including depression, infections or hormonal disorders. This is why it is very important to be seen by a physician if these symptoms are present. The individual will not be able to diagnose the condition by himself or herself.

What is a Hoyer lift?


No matter how much we would want to stay young in our hearts, there comes a time when our bodies won’t be able to keep up with our desires anymore. Fine wrinkles, heart affections, and reduced mobility are just some of the signs that no one lives forever and facing that could be scary.

In most cases, seniors are mainly affected by the fact that they cannot move as fast as they used to before. With age, it will be more and more difficult for older people to walk, run or perform simply house chores. Unfortunately, in just a few years, it will become almost impossible for them to move and they will require help.

Caretakers and nurses are usually the ones who have to move patients, in an attempt to make them feel more comfortable, but this could change, thanks to certain revolutionary products like a Hoyer lift.

What is this product?

The product is perfect for seniors and people who need to be moved from one location to the other without requiring a dozen nurses and caretakers.

It is based on electronic or pneumatic leverage to raise an individual off a surface and transport him or her to another location without the additional stress. The patients can be lifted and moved easily while they are lying down or sitting.

The product consists of many parts and is delivered with step-by-step instructions that allow you to assemble it and learn how to use it quickly. It comes in handy because it will reduce the risk of injuries and the level of unnecessary stress.


How to choose the right product?

There are many well-known brands of lifters available on the market, so finding the right one for you could prove a tricky quest.

The first thing you should take into account when opting for a Hoyer lift is the size. It should roughly match the size of the patient without being uncomfortable for caretakers to operate it. In searching for the perfect sling size, you need to consider the senior’s hip measurement and weight.

Do not opt for products that cannot support the weight of your patient and try to find the closest possible size. A sling that is too large may cause the patient to slip out, while a sling that is too small might interfere with the patient’s medical condition, and cause stress or additional injuries.


Who can benefit from a Hoyer lift?

The Hoyer lifts are used in both private and public settings. It is perfect for caregivers and patients alike. A lift can be operated by one or two caregivers, which makes it a lot more convenient to transport old people or those who suffer from mobility problems. The right lift could benefit people with total paralysis, those who are recovering after surgeries or seniors.


Is Using Radar Detectors Illegal?

Legal debates on radar detectors


There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding the use of radar detectors, because they do not only foil police’s attempts to determine who is breaking the law, but they encourage the practice of driving at illegal speeds that seriously increase the chance of accidents.

Because each state has a different legislation regarding the use of radar detectors in 2017, it is quite difficult for lawmakers to get to an accord on the matter. While most states do not ban the use of radar detectors, there are places where such devices are tied to other law obstructions, such as obstruction of the view through the windshield. The only state that bans the use of radar detectors is Virginia, while in District of Columbia, the use of radar gun detectors is considered illegal.

So, it is important to know the rules in your state or wherever you want to travel, before installing the radar detection device on your dashboard. Even if you may not get a speeding ticket, you may still find yourself in an unpleasant situation and have to pay some fee for obstructing the law.


The use of radar detectors is a matter of great controversy, due to the fact that motorists, on one hand, want to be able to reduce their chance of getting a speeding ticket, while lawmakers and the police, on the other, say that they cannot do their job because they are prevented to do so.

The thing is that not getting speeding tickets can make people less aware of the dangers of driving at over-the-limit speeds. At higher speeds, your reflexes and capacity to react are greatly reduced and you are in more danger of getting involved in a life threatening accident for you or other participants to the traffic.


What Aspects to Keep in Mind When Buying a Drill Press


When you go shopping for the best drill press for your needs, there are a few aspects to keep in mind. They are presented below.

This may look like a no brainer, but there is actually a bit more than you may think about the power of a certain model. Indeed, as you already know, more power means that your machinery will be able to drill through tougher materials, and do so faster. However, what you may not be aware of is that a more powerful motor usually lasts longer, which means that it is worth making an investment in a model with more horsepower on its specs.

Whether you like drilling metal or wood, you are most probably well aware that different projects require different tools and different approaches. When you use a drill press, one of the most important things to keep in mind is whether the model comes with enough RPM levels. The spinning speed of the drill press is important, as each type of material requires a different RPM levels. Professional models come with at least 16 RPM levels, so keep an eye open for those.


Do you intend to drill only straight holes? Or do you prefer to keep your options open? If you answered ‘yes’ to the second question, it is highly recommended to get a drill press with an adjustable table. This will allow you to drill angled holes with ease and with the same accuracy as you would straight holes.

Do not forget about throat depth, a spec that gives you a clear idea about how large the piece of material you will work with can be. The radius of a wood log, for instance, must be inferior to this number, if you want to use your drill press for drilling holes in it.


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The Lowrance 000-11448-00 is a disappointing fish finder

I was looking for an affordable fish finder that did the trick under most circumstances, so I ordered the Lowrance 000-11448- 001 from Amazon. While this was not supposed to be a negative review, I’ll have to go into all the detail and the reasons I’m so unimpressed by the way this item serves its purpose. Or rather, it does not.

Since this is not the first unit I’ve put my hands on, I figured I knew the basics of operating a fish finder correctly. Some of the most annoying things about the Lowrance 000-11448- 001 range from the lack of accuracy to low performance at high speeds. In addition, the size of the screen is counter-productive, particularly if one’s looking at the display while the sun is up in the sky. I’ve had trouble with deciphering the data regarding the depth readout as the figures seem to be way too small for me to understand while I was in my boat seat. In my opinion, reading the information shown on the screen shouldn’t be so difficult, especially since both I and the fish finder are stationary.

What’s more, I would like to point out that the instructions provided in the box were anything but straightforward. As I mentioned before, this isn’t the first time I’ve used such a device, but I find the interface to be anything other than user-friendly. Even though I realize that the Lowrance 000-11448- 001 is a cheap product in the line, what with it costing less than one hundred and fifty bucks, I believe that my money would have been better spent if I had chosen a two-hundred-dollar portable smart fish finder. Another thing that I disliked about this Lowrance model is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any info with regard to the temperature of the water. As any fisherman knows, this is a crucial factor when trying to figure out what fish species you’re targeting. Some like it hotter, whereas others like it chillier.

To give you an example of just how untrustworthy the readings offered by this device can be, I’m going to tell you that I was in the middle of a lake when the unit was telling me that the water depth was of about thirteen feet. That was impossible as I had fished in the same place before using a different fish finder. I have a friend who, regrettably, got the same Lowrance 000-11448- 001 and he says that the model wasn’t capable of signaling a single trout in a river filled with fish.

To sum up, I don’t recommend buying this product for all the reasons I’ve mentioned earlier on. It’s an unreliable, inaccurate, and worthless unit that won’t help you under any circumstances. Spend your money on something worth the while instead of getting this Lowrance fish finder.

How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Fishing


Kids are not known to be the biggest fans of fishing, but I guess that happens because they have not yet gotten the real taste of this enjoyable pastime. Here are some of the things I do to get my kids to enjoy our fishing adventures as much as I.


Everyone in my family has a role when we go fishing. My youngest daughter, Carla, is in charge of the baits, while my son, Kevin, loves playing with the fish finder. I think it is quite normal for kids living in the age of electronics to be so fond of such devices. Plus, I am starting to believe that he is doing a much better job at reading the fish finder screen than I do.

The main argument you most have probably heard a thousand times from your kids is that they will get bored while you see about your fishing. These adventures should never be boring. Teach your kids about fishing and get them involved in all kinds of water related activities. Again, putting them in charge of the fish finder will get them pretty involved and they may even become more into fishing than you are.



While you are on a fishing trip, not everything should be about fishing. What you can do is organize small outings, such as a nice picnic, where everyone can enjoy their favorite foods. It is well known how important is for kids’ health to get to run and play in a natural environment.

If you plan your next fishing trip wisely, your kids may just start sharing your passion for catching fish. Don’t forget to pack a fish finder, as well, since it will certainly get the children interested and involved in what you love so much.


My tips for buying a rod for bass fishing


When going into a tackle store, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities at hand. Choosing the right gear, especially if you are new to this wonderful sport, can be difficult, and when you lack the basic gear knowledge, can end up in a hand-full of wasted money and time.

My first piece of advice for you is to take your time and do some research on the general components of the fishing equipment. You need to understand what the rod and the reel are, what types of lures and baits you can find in stores or in nature, and most of all, you have to think about what exactly you are planning to fish for.

Assuming you already know that a rod is the modern fishing pole that has a butt cap at the base and ends up with the tip top, has a reel seat and guides through which the line is guided towards the tip top, let us talk about the other main characteristics of a fishing rod. Two features that are often confused are the power and action of a fishing rod. What you have to remember is that the power regards the resistance of the rod to the inflexure produced by something pulling the line. The more power in a rod, the less it will bend, and the tougher the fish you can catch with it. Therefore, unless you intend to catch a wounded baby bass, you will have to consider a rod of at least medium power. The action of the rod tells you about where it bends. Extra-fast and fast action mean the rod will bend closer to the tip, while a moderate and slow action mean that it will bend on a lower point of the blank. The action of the rod will help you hook the fish: it is about sensitivity, the cast and how fast you can have your hookset. Different actions will transfer the pressure differently to the blank. You should always choose your rod action based on the lure you are going to use. Slow action rods work well for light baits and treble or multi hooks such as crankbaits or jerkbaits, while a fast action will help you cast heavier lures, spinnerbaits, topwater, and is generally used for stronger fish.

The taper is usually left out of most fishing rod guides, but it is very important, in my opinion. It tells you how fast does the diameter of the blank increase from the tip to the end of the blank. A fast taper means the rod has more backbone and the change is quicker, while a slow taper will give you a long increase. Thickness translates to power, so for a big fish like the bass, you should get a fast taper rod.

The bass is a big fish who fight a long time before giving up. You should buy a rod that has sufficient power for that and which you will feel comfortable with when pulling and bending. Consider a nice grip handle and a soft but firm butt cap, as you will want to uphold your rod on your body for more control.


Mobile Apps that Will Help You Survive Any Tornado


Getting the latest information on tornadoes that are heading towards your home is essential for planning ahead of time. Since today many organizations and companies create special apps for mobile devices to help people stay alert on such dangerous events, it is highly recommended to have one or more installed on your phone. Make sure your phone is properly charged before the tornado hits, and you may be able to follow the weather evolution even when electricity is down.


The app from NOAA

NOAA is the most important organization in charge of delivering the latest information regarding the evolution of tornadoes, hurricanes and other weather events capable of jeopardizing your life and your loved ones’ lives. A special app was developed for this organization and it is called the NOAA Weather Radio app. While it is highly advisable to have a proper weather radio in your home, it does not hurt to have an app installed on your smartphone, as well.


Red Cross app

Another organization involved in managing the effects of tornadoes is the American Red Cross. While the NOAA Weather Radio app is useful for learning the latest information on tornadoes coming your way or in progress, the Red Cross app is very helpful in teaching you how to keep safe and how to offer those around you the much needed aid, given the circumstances. A piece of useful information offered by this app is how to handle the consequences of a tornado, like lack of electricity and flooding. Reaching for Red Cross shelters is highly recommended, after such an event.


Local apps

Check to see if your local weather channels have their own apps. They are particularly useful, because they will offer you information applicable to your area in particular, so you can easily connect with other people in your neighborhood or close by.


A weather Radio


A weather radio can save your time by offering great on-time news. There are multiple features you can use but make sure you spend your money wisely and read a buying guide before purchasing anything. It might be critical.



Great Features You Can Find on Toasters


Essential Featues for Reliable Toasters


2 slot toasters are a common presence in kitchens around the world, and many people believe that they do nothing more but toast bread. Actually, more advanced models come equipped with so interesting features that they are really worth mentioning. Here are some of these functionalities that may make you wonder just how far toasters have come to.


More modern toasters can now come along with an incorporated egg cooker. Basically, you will be able to cook an entire breakfast, using only your faithful toaster. You can make poached eggs and even scrambled eggs, depending on your preferences. Along with two slices of toasted bread, these will make for a perfect balanced breakfast.



You may notice while you look around for toasters that some comes with something called the Bagel function. Simply put, this function helps you warm up your bagels and enjoy their great taste, without risking to burn them. Normally, you will not be able to reheat bagels too well, if you use a regular toaster, because these tend to burn the exterior, while the interior remains soggy. If you are a big fan of bagels, consider this possibility.



No one likes the idea of having to stuff their fingers inside the toaster, in order to get their toasted slices of bread out. The latest models now come with a high rise lift that removes completely this issue. Especially if you intend to toast bread that is shorter than standard varieties, not being able to pull it out easily becomes a problem.



In case you love toasting larger pastries, you will take full advantage of the extra wide slots some toasters come with today. Stuffing muffins or bagels inside becomes much easier, and you can enjoy any kind of pastry you like.


Preparing Your RV for Winter


RV travels are a fixture in summer, but as the cold weather is closing in, you need to consider some measures to prepare your loyal RV for winter.


Find your mobile home a winter home

The first thing to keep in mind when you decide to prepare your RV for winter is where you are going to store it away. It is very important that the structure you choose has some kind of climate control. After all, you want your RV to be good and ready to use, once the nice weather is back and you want to go on an RV trip.

Check both the inside and the outside

For your RV to be in top notch condition when you take it out of its winter shelter, it is paramount to leave it like that in the first place. Check the inside for any needed repairs, and especially pay attention to the fabric that should be dry and clean. This way, you will not have to worry about mold and the havoc it can wreck inside. After that, check the exterior, too, for any cracks and holes that may let the air outside get inside and cause problems. Use special sealant if needed.


Prepare the tires, too

Make sure that the tires of your RV are prepared for winter, too. Wash them well and then overinflate them a bit. This is a very useful piece of advice. As you may well know, rubber tends to deflate when left in the same place for longer times; by overinflating your tires a bit, you ensure that this deflation process will not make the RV difficult to move once summer is back. To further ensure the integrity of your tires, you can use some pieces of wood to support the tires off the ground, so that the rubber does not get in contact with water that may pool on the floor.


Interesting articles related to other accesories you can find on:


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Important Features for a Safe Car Seat for Your Kid


Safety conscious parents are continuously seeking for the safest car seats they can find and they are often wondering what features they should look for. The next list will help you decide faster between different models and you will manage to get the safest car seat for your baby.


A 5 point harness


Gone are the days when a 3 point harness was considered enough for properly protecting a baby’s vulnerable body. The 5 point harness has become the norm and now you should not settle for anything less. The main advantage of this type of harness is that it reduces the chances of ejection for the child in case of a car crash.


Wide straps


If you are taking a closer look at the harness, you will notice that there are models that come with wider straps, and some with thinner straps. The problem with thinner straps is that they can get tangled with ease, which means that they will not be able to serve their purpose, that of keeping your kid safe.


A solid base for an infant carrier


Especially car seats designed for infants should come with a solid base. The main role of a solid base is to absorb much of the energy produced by the force on impact during an accident. A good solid base also offers the car seat enough stability to make it a great choice for parents.


Watch out for the size


Not all car seats are created equal and you should pay attention to their size, especially if your car is medium or even small size. Getting the right size car seat for your vehicle is paramount for your baby’s safety, as you will not be able to stuff an oversized seat on the back seat of your car, no matter how much you will try.

The best camping places in the Rocky Mountains


The Rocky Mountains are a mountain range that stretches on more than 4 800 miles from the British Columbia, Canada to New Mexico, United States. Its highest peak is Mount Elbert, with a 4 399 m height, located in the state of Colorado. Given their length, you can imagine there are a thousand places you could go camping and hiking, but, that is precisely the issue, it is hard to pick one place to visit in the Rocky Mountains. You can wander aimlessly, discovering new sights by yourself, but that is not recommended for inexperienced amateurs. So which are the best spots for camping?


You should probably start with the Colorado National Park, where you can admire many wild animal species such as elk, deer, bighorn sheep and many rare species of birds. You can only visit it in spring and summer, as it is usually closes during autumn and winter due to meteorological conditions.

Another spot you shouldn’t miss is The Mesa Verde National Park, the home of the Ancestral Puebloans, located in the Montezuma County, Colorado. It is one of the most valuable archeological sites in the US and it will provide you with an amazing history lesson about the civilization inhabiting these places a long time ago and the mysterious conditions in which it disappeared. Today, you can visit the site and admire the well-preserved ruins. If you want to find out more about this civilization, you can visit the Chapin Mesa museum located nearby.


One of the most impressive and largest trailing parks in the Rocky Mountains is the Timber Creek Campground. There are 98 camping sites for tents and RV’s equally. You don’t need a reservation when coming here, as the camping spots are given following the first-come, first-served rule. From the campsite you can choose one of the many hiking trails that will take you in picturesque areas of the mountains. In the evening, you can light a campfire on the metal fire grates provided by the camp administration. The park is located as a 34 mile distance from the Grand Lake, so you can hop in your truck or RV and take a detour before the end of your weekend trip.


The Yellowstone National Park is the oldest and one of the most sensational natural parks in the world. However, though it may not entirely fall in the best camping places in the Rocky Mountains category, the park lies on a plateau surrounded by them. With its endless trails, natural variety of species, geological wonderment and its 300 geysers, the Yellowstone National Park is a place you will never be able to forget and you’ll want to visit at least once more. Most people come here for the great variety of hiking trails which can take hikers a couple of hours walk to cover or can become a few days exploring adventure. There are a total of 12 campgrounds inside the Yellowstone Park, its huge accommodation possibilities allow you to camp here without prior reservation. However, as their website alerts, don’t take selfies near animals, because they can become restless and dangerous.


How I Relax After Playing Soccer


I’ve been playing soccer all my life. Even as a little boy I enjoyed every bit of it. This hobby soon became a passion, I don’t regret getting hooked on to the game. I played really well while at school and college. After I got a job I continued to play soccer with my friends every weekend. When I was young, the aches and pains weren’t as bad and my feet didn’t feel so sore after a tough soccer match, or maybe I just don’t remember those days that well.


Anyway, ever since I passed out of college, I haven’t been playing soccer as regularly as I used to, which is why I’m not in a great shape to play a game. I work all weekdays and play at least once in the weekends. I’m lucky to have a girlfriend who understands me and gives me my space.  She’s so amazing that she gifted me my very own foot spa massager, so that I can relax after a game of soccer. Initially, I thought of it as a feminine tantrum and I told her I wouldn’t use it ever. Somehow she managed to convince me to try it at least once and I’ve been hooked on to it ever since.

A foot spa isn’t just for women, men too can use it and trust me it’s one of the most relaxing experiences you’ve ever had. I don’t suffer from sore feet anymore and I end up feeling great with a foot spa session after a soccer game. I do this at home, no one knows about it. I know my friends will make fun of me for using it, but as long as it works wonders for me it will remain a part of my after-soccer relaxation regime.


The benefits of a foot spa are numerous. It relaxes my tired feet and all the leg muscles after a soccer game. The foot spa massager that I own, have various modes ranging from  a complete massage or a gentle soothing one to match the mood I’m in. I don’t need anyone to massage my tired feet. While using it I can sit, relax and watch my favorite TV shows.


It’s a great investment for men and women. If you’ve been spending time and money at foot spas, it’s preferable to buy one of these foot spa massagers that work just as well. To get a DIY foot spa for home, you have to spend only a fraction of the total money you might have spent till now, for professional spas. This is a onetime investment that is great not only for those who engage in regular sports but also for people who have to move around a lot at their workplace and lead a hectic life. I treat myself to a foot massage on weekdays too, because it takes away all the stress of workplace as well.


It helps me relax my entire body and I sleep like a baby. It improves my foot and leg blood circulation, which is an added advantage. Initially, I was skeptical about a foot spa massager, but now I can’t imagine a week without it. I am so happy with the results that I no longer feel ashamed to share my experience with my team members at soccer. Believe me they have also started using  this wonderful device.


Frozen Yogurt Vs Ice Cream


It’s almost summer! And along with the sun comes the scorching heat. So what does this mean? Yes, you’re right. Frozen desserts will be available everywhere. Two of the most popular desserts are the ice cream and frozen yogurt. But, what are the differences between them regardless of the fact that everyone want them to be thick, creamy, and yummy?
Of course, there is a lot of difference between the two. Ice creams are considered to be a big NO for the health and frozen yogurt is good for you if you are fond of a healthy diet.
So, let us dig deeper and know the real scoop behind ice cream and frozen yogurt:

Being the health conscious, you are, would like to know the amount of calories in each serving. Well, a cup of vanilla ice cream contains about 275 calories, while a cup of frozen yogurt contains only 221 calories. It is not much of a difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream. However, that is vanilla ice cream. You must carefully examine the calorie content of other flavors. There can be more than just 275 calories in every cup of ice cream.
•Yogurt is known for its bacterial cultures. However, that is yogurt. Frozen yogurt is different. The freezing process of yogurt may kill the active bacteria good for digestion. So, subtract the other health benefits you get from the frozen yogurt. However, it does not mean that all frozen yogurts lack in bacterial cultures that can’t live up to the freezing point. Some brands add the live bacterial cultures after the freezing process to preserve the health benefits of yogurt.
Low-fat and fat-free frozen yogurts have more sugar compared to the regular ones. Other additives are added to make them taste sweet. Enjoy your frozen yogurt, but do not order big scoops plus all the tempting toppings (which are basically unhealthy). If you want to buy a yogurt maker I suggest checking out the products recommended by bestyogurtmaker.org.


So if you want to have a taste of the frozen desserts this summer and keep your diet in check, go for a few scoops of frozen yogurt with just a few sprinkles of nuts. Also, check for the active bacterial content of the yogurt on the ingredients sticker.

Simer 2305-04 Geyser II Review


Looking for a reliable geyser pump is a struggle. Many fail to provide the power required to suck out the water while others just hum around without pumping out any water. When I needed to empty a twenty-foot pit, I was desperately looking for something that delivered power and reliability. I came across the Simer 2305-04 Geyser II.


It is made up of thermoplastic, which meant that rusting over a period would not be a problem. The geyser comes with a garden hose adapter, which meant that I could move the water where I wanted to and would not have to depend on water being discharged to a single place. Simer also claims that the geyser is loaded with a pumping capacity of over 1,000 gallons per hour and their 6-amp motor promises to deliver efficiency. I ordered the Simer 2305-04 Geyser II and it arrived at my doorstep a few days later.



I must admit I was surprised at the size of the geyser when it arrived. For a geyser that claimed to deliver phenomenal power, the size was small. Although this was an advantage as it made the geyser light and portable, the real question was the efficiency. I connected the geyser to an extension at the garage outlet and immediately put it to work in the twenty-foot pit. This pit was filled with rainwater, leaves, and mud at the bottom. I attached the garden hose adapter, which was easy to do. All I had to do was screw it on. I then attached my 25 feet garden hose at the end of it and pointed the water to the direction I wanted it to go to.



Once the geyser started pumping water, I was pleasantly surprised. All it took was a few seconds to fill with water and the water started pumping out like a faucet on full blast. The geyser ran for over 18 hours and emptied the pit to the point that it was dry. All that was left in there were few wet leaves and muck. This was an amazing output for a geyser this size. Next, I tried to empty a puddle in my garage. The guys from this great website helped with their advice. The puddle was only about a foot deep. The geyser just kept humming without emptying any water. That is when I realized that the geyser had to be charged, which means that it had to fill with water in order to pump out water. I submerged the geyser in a bucket until it was ‘charged’, and put it back in the puddle. Lo and behold, the water started pumping out similarly to the pit. Do remember to submerge the geyser in a bucket of water for it to fill before trying it in shallow places.



Overall, I was very surprised and impressed by this tiny little monster. The Simer 2305-04 Geyser II packs a punch like no other geyser in the market. Definitely, a worthy investment to get rid of all your waterlogging issues.


How to Prevent Injuries When Training with a Heavy Bag

Working out using a punching bag is very beneficial for developing self defense skills and cardiovascular conditioning. However, like it may happen with any other piece of equipment, training in an improper manner can lead to injuries. Let’s learn what to do in order to prevent unwanted accidents when training with a heavy bag.


Use gloves – There is a reason why boxers walk into the ring with gloves on their hands. And there is a strong reason why gloves are recommended while training, as well. What happens is that when you are hitting a heavy bag with your hands, all the complex joints and bones in them suffer an impact. The force of your hit can turn against you by causing really nasty injuries to your hands that may even prevent you from training for months.


Balance the strength of your punch – Stronger and harder do not necessarily equal better when training with a heavy bag. A very strong hard punch can lead to injuries to your elbow and shoulder. Remember that your arm is made of joints, and not only of muscles, and if you don’t respect them, the consequences will be dire. Martial arts trainees know the importance of balancing the strength of their punches so they do not end up injured.


Make a proper fist – There are thousands of ways of landing a poor punch that can be followed by injuries, but only one to land a perfect punch that will not jeopardize your health. That way is making a proper fist. Here are the steps:


  • Open your hand and hold it relaxed
  • Clench and roll your fingers starting with the top
  • Roll the thumb over the first two fingers, placing it between the first and second joints


This way, you will be able to focus the power of your punches on the two knuckles, which are the most powerful, without putting unnecessary strain on your wrists.


Great Advantages of a 4 Slice Toaster


For people living alone or just with one other person, a 2 slice toaster may sound like the perfect idea. However, if you have a larger family, and more than one kid, you will really have to deal with a lot of ruckus first thing in the morning, when everyone waits for their toast to be ready. If you are in such a situation, my recommendation is to do what I did: ditch your old 2 slice toaster and get one with 4 slots. Guaranteed, your life will become much easier.


Time saved

I may not have to state the obvious, but here it is: if you get a 4 slice toaster, you will save a lot of time. Now you will no longer have to go back and forth and prepare the toasted bread while everyone is waiting. With 4 slices ready at the same time, all the family members are happy and so are you.


Energy saved

I am not talking only about your energy, but the electrical bill that comes every month with the same determination. It takes just the same energy to toast 2 slices as it does 4, so why not save a little by getting a 4 slice toaster? It is a simple solution that you might enjoy right away.


Great styles available

You do not have to worry that your new toaster won’t look good in your kitchen. There are so many great looking 4 slice toasters available right now, that the only difficulty you will encounter will be that you may not know how to settle for only one.


For any time you’re in a hurry

For a family with kids, or simply with a big eater at the table, when you are in a hurry, a 4 slice toaster can prove to be a lifesaver. For all these reasons, I simply recommend getting this kind of toaster.


How the Electric Broom Was Invented


Today we consider vacuum cleaners nothing more but a means to clean the house and we cannot possibly imagine how difficult things used to be in the past when such inventions were not in use. The man behind this very useful home appliance was called James M. Spangler; this man used to work as a janitor and as a salesman, to later become the inventor of the electric broom, or, as we call it, the vacuum cleaner.


The first vacuum cleaner in existence

Spangler suffered from severe asthma and he could not stand dust, although he had to work in an environment that was filled with it. As he observed the way a rotary sweeper worked, he thought of how to turn the device into something that could clean floors and carpets. Putting together different components, he created what should be known as the first vacuum cleaner in existence. He took his invention to work and started cleaning the Folwell Building. When his asthma became less of a problem, he must have known that he had finally found a solution to quite an old problem.

From proof of concept to patent

As a simple janitor, Spangler didn’t have the means to turn his new invention into a gadget that could be mass produced. At first, he received some financial aid to patent his invention, but while he got half a million to bring his concept to life, the money was not enough to support such a great endeavor.


The patent was bought by William Hoover (his cousin’s husband) in 1908, and the production of the electric broom finally began.

At first, people did not seem so enthusiastic about using the new gadget, but Hoover came with the idea to offer a ten day free trial and to start selling electric brooms from door to door, a model that was to be embraced by many other companies later on.



Quesadillas – The Most Delicious Mexican Dish


If you are in agreement with the above sentence, then you are not alone. Many people enjoy this simple Mexican dish and consume it almost every day, be it in restaurants or at home. I personally prefer making my own quesadillas, because I can be completely in charge of what goes into each recipe and I also have my very own preferences. I discovered that I can even save a bit of money while making quesadillas at home, and what really saved me was getting a good and reliable quesadilla maker. It is true that I searched high and low for a unit to really serve me, since I like having quesadillas every day, but luckily, I found this site: Kingquesadilla.com, that helped me with a lot of information on quesadilla makers and the best products that can be found on the market right now.


What is a quesadilla anyway?


No matter how great it tastes, a quesadilla is not some kind of magic food (although you may feel tempted, just like me, to consider it so). In brief, a quesadilla is made of a wheat or corn tortilla filled with various tasty ingredients, and, in most cases cheese. You simply fold the tortilla and catch the ingredients inside, then serve it with your own hand. Yummy!


The versatility of quesadillas


The best part that I truly enjoy about quesadillas is that they are so versatile. Are you a vegan? You can always have a quesadilla guilty free. Do you prefer sweet stuff over savory ingredients? Create your own quesadilla recipe and stuff your tortilla with everything you want. As long as the ingredients combine well, you will have a tasty dish that is healthier than what you can have in a fast food restaurant, where too much sugar, salt and preservatives are used.

Ingredients preferred in the US


Although quesadilla is more popular in the southwest regions of the US, everyone loves this Mexican dish, as much as they enjoy their grilled cheese sandwich. Certain combinations are more popular here, but, as mentioned above, you can get really creative when it comes to filling your quesadilla. The way classic quesadilla is made in the southwest area of the country goes like this: a tortilla is taken and grilled on a grill, then you grate cheese over its surface; you wait for the cheese to melt, and after that, you add shredded meat – turkey is a recommended choice – , onions, peppers, guacamole, not necessarily all at once. After that, you just fold the tortilla and you enjoy it.